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EXCUSE ME!  Where is my breakfast?!  Starving is not part of staying home and social distancing!

Happy Friyay, friends!  Normally the weekend is time to go outside and have fun, but right now, it’s important we all stay home as much as possible, even on weekends.  Don’t go out unless you absolutely need to.  Stay home and save lives!

Mom, your hand got smaller again!  Make your hand grow bigger!!

Ringing in the new month with my semiannual weigh-in!  I now weigh more than 10 ounces!  And I am so close to 300 g!!  MOAR NOMS, MOM!

It’s weigh-in day!  I clocked in at 263 grams, my second biggest semiannual(ish) weight gain yet!  Mom is relieved that last summer was just a fluke.  I say more noms are in order so I can break my summer growth record!

Today is a smug Tall Tuesday:  I am now tall enough to use my evil plastic plants as a chin rest!  Take that, plastic plants!

Mom, this chair shrank again!  I can barely fit my head and one leggie through the railings now!  Fix it, Mom!

If I stare at the colors in my new water dish long enough, will they turn into noms?

I got a new, bigger water dish!  Mom is excited about all the colors.  I am not.  I don’t see any of my favorite nom colors, Mom!

Psst…did you notice how I have shoved everything to the center of my enclosure, so that anything I want is within easy reach?  😎

Mom gave me my seminannual(ish) weigh-in over the weekend!  My winter regime of nomming and napping as much as possible worked:  I grew even more this winter than I did last summer!  See, Mom, I told you all those extra treats for my winter GRUMPs were a good idea!