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Fourth of July Party 2018, Part 8
(Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7)

Bonus video of my adventures on friend gckaf’s ping pong and air hockey tables:  Ping pong push ups and air hockey cardio!  🏓🏒💪🐢

Fourth of July Party 2018, Part 7
(Parts 1, 2, 3, 45, and 6)

Mom may love Overcooked, but I preferred digging into friend gckaf’s excellent couch for a nap instead!  Mom says I missed her entire kitchen catching fire in Overcooked.  Not only does Mom not give me noms 24/7, but also she can’t even manage to make fake noms!

Fourth of July Party 2018, Part 6
(Parts 1, 2, 34, and 5)

After break time with Bucky, friend gckaf and Mom started a game of Overcooked*.  I was excited when Mom said Overcooked is about making noms, but no noms came out of Mom’s controller no matter how hard I GRUMPed at it!  What’s the point of simulating noms, and then giving away those simulated noms?!

* Never heard of Overcooked?  It’s a cooking simulation game where you play chefs making and serving meals in an obstacle-filled restaurant kitchen.  @nintendo

Fourth of July Party 2018, Part 5
(Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4)

After ping pong and air hockey, it was time for a break!  Bucky was very worried I was going to steal his precious tennis ball, but I was far more interested in Bucky’s beautiful, soft hair.  Much to my disappointment, Mom and friend gckaf wouldn’t let me burrow into Bucky’s hair, so I had to settle for admiring it from afar!

* Important Note:  Bucky and I were both very closely supervised at all times, and friend gckaf kept a firm hold on Bucky the whole time.  Please do not ever let your furbeasts and tortles hang out together unsupervised!

Fourth of July Party 2018, Part 4
(Parts 12, and 3)

After ping pong, it was time for air hockey!  I weigh far too much now to glide around like an air hockey puck!  Mom thought I would like the bright white table, but I did not like that table at all.  It felt awful on my toes!!  Almost as awful as Dr. B.’s examining table!

I did, however, like the edges of the table.  They are perfect for digging and climbing!

Fourth of July Party 2018, Part 3
(Parts 1 and 2)

A party wouldn’t be a party without fun and games!  After my excellent job guarding mini Bucky, I got to learn a new game:  ping pong!  Friend gckaf’s ping pong ball confused me:  What’s a ping pong ball doing looking like a soccer ball???

Mom tried to teach me how to hold a ping pong paddle, but I was far more interested in the ping pong table itself.  The net in the middle of the table was just high enough for my head and front leggies to fit under, but try as I might, I couldn’t fit the rest of me under the net!  Out of my way, silly net!!


Bucky, do you see how rude this net is being?!  How dare it not make way for someone as important as I am?!

Fourth of July Party 2018, Part 2
(Part 1 here)

Bucky loved his mini me!  In fact, Bucky loved his mini me a little too much:


Be nice, Bucky!  No ripping off mini Bucky’s head!!

After Bucky’s overenthusiastic welcome, friend gckaf gave mini Bucky to me for the rest of the party.  I did an excellent job guarding mini Bucky by jumping off the edge not once, but twice!  For some reason, that made Mom upset, so I stopped jumping and discovered that mini Bucky makes an excellent cave for a tiny tortoise like me!

Fourth of July Party 2017, Part 1

This year, ahead of friend @gckaf’s annual Fourth of July BBQ, I found a mini me for friendbeast Bucky!  Mini Bucky has beautiful soft hair colored just like Bucky’s and let me ride on top of his head, just like Bucky!  Plus, mini Bucky has delicious white toes!


Bonus:  Mini Bucky doesn’t mind at all when I try to nom his yummy toes!


Why is it that all the yummy things aren’t supposed to be nommed?!


Mini Bucky, I command you to take me to the place where Mom hides all my noms!


Uh oh, mini Bucky’s pretty hair is slippery…


This is a much better perch!


Okay, mini Bucky, let’s go find all the noms!