Category: food plate

Today was a very productive day:  I completely cleaned off all the noms on my plate (even the crumbs!) and thoroughly reclaimed my corner from my evil plastic plants!

Behold the Faithful Vigil of the Hungry Hungry Tortoise.

How many hugs do I have to give my empty plate before it gives me noms?

Those greens were unacceptable, so I buried them.  Bring me new noms, stat!

Mom gave me subpar noms again!?  Good thing I know where to find better noms:  Behind my hidey hut!

Seriously, Mom?!

These are NOT the noms I’m looking for!

I don’t want those noms.  Go get me new ones!

Collard greens?!  Mom, how many times do I have to tell you, I don’t like collard greens unless it’s winter!

Mom, it’s my birthday in two days!  Can’t we start shellebrating today with radicchio for breakfast?