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Six!, Part 3
(Parts 01, and 2)

Thank you for all your birthday wishes!  I feel so loved!  🥰

As a special thank you, we present to you a (condensed) video of my cake CHOMPing!  I was so excited about my delicious birthday cake that Mom thought my eyes were going to pop out!  👀😋🐢😂

(Watch to the end to see the bonus treat I got on top of my cake!  😍)

#KirbyChompsSix  🎉🎂6️⃣🎊

Six!, Part 2
(Parts 0 and 1)

Birthday cake is hard to nom when it’s twice as tall as you, so Mom toppled my cake for me!

Bonus photo from the gif above:


I may have picked off all the yummy flowers first…


I also have no idea what happened to Brunhilda’s hat.  Definitely had nothing to do with me.

Six!, Part 1
(Part 0 here)

It’s my birthday!  Today marks six whole years since I first met Mom as a wee hatchling!  Let the shellebration begin!

This year, Brunhilda helped Mom make me a big watermelon + wildflowers cake!


Dandelions, clover, and a delicious surprise:  A brand new nom I never tried before, wild chicory flowers!


Mom told me to sit still for photos with my un-nommed cake first.  As if!


Of course, Mom took a zillion photos of my cake nomming.  Stay tuned for more cake CHOMPs!

* We don’t know the exact day I hatched, so since I was born not long before I met Mom, we celebrate as my birthday the day I showed up on Mom’s doorstep in a FedEx box!

I found flowers!  Someone Mom knows went to Korea and came back with tea made with hydrangeas!  Now how do I get to those pretty flowers inside??

* Note:  Hydrangeas are toxic to all animals!  Mom did not let me anywhere near the tea bags once she took them out of the box!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!

This year, I found Mom a big field of pretty tulips!  My plan was to also nom the tulips for Mom, but Mom went into Mom mode and said no nomming!?


Just wait, pretty pink tulip, I will nom you next time around!

Happy Mardi Gras!  Noms, noms, and more noms for all!  I am shellebrating with my own Fat Tuesday feast of Zoo Med Labs Flower Food Toppers!


Are those more noms I spy on the horizon?


Maybe if I close my eyes, more flowers will appear?


Five!, Part 2
(Parts 13, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13)

For my 5th birthday, Mom made me a flower-filled cake to match my flowery party hat!  Apple slices with watermelon and radicchio “filling,” topped with rose petals from friend gckaf and frilly kale edges, and trimmed with fresh picked dandie and clover flowers!

I was so excited to see the dandie flowers!  Mom has never been able to find any dandies on my birthday before, but this year’s weird weather means I finally got dandie flowers on my cake!!


Cake dandies = best birthday cake surprise!

It’s my half birthday today!  🎉 To shellebrate, here’s a throwback to my flower-filled fifth birthday party in August! 🌹🌼🎂😋🐢

Click through the links to Parts 1 to 13 above to see all the rest of my fabulous five photos (and a video!) from August!

Mom and I are both grumpy about the cold today, so here is a slightly blurry throwback to the pretty flowers I got Mom for Mother’s Day in May!

Mom is trying to finish all her WIPs before starting on any new projects.  First up:  This spring-themed pillowcase!  I am supervising to make sure all the flowers look appropriately delicious.  Now where are all the real flowers to reward me for my hard work?

Fun fact for fellow crafters: For some reason, Mom always thought the top stitches in cross stitch are supposed to alternate direction from row to row. We recently learned (too late for this pillowcase) that top stitches are actually supposed to all face the same direction. Oops…

(This is Mom’s second embroidered pillowcase.  The first one was a big Snoopy pillow that you can see over here!)

Five!, Part 9
(Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 67, and 8)

It’s a bit late because of Mom’s trip last week, but it’s finally here:  My birthday video!  We have gotten requests for more ASMR videos of me nomming, so Mom filmed ALL of my flower-filled cake nomming!  Sound up to hear me munch, especially in the second half!  🔊

🔚  Plus, watch to the end for bonus crunching!