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Mom and I are both grumpy today (I even refuse…

Mom and I are both grumpy today (I even refused to get up at all!), so here’s a throwback to one time a few years ago, when I got up to an empty plate.  Mom went running for my breakfast when she saw this GRUMP!

Following up on yesterday’s post, here’s a thr…

Following up on yesterday’s post, here’s a throwback to four years ago, when I could still fit under my baby log without balancing it on my shell!

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

Mom used to use a plastic chopstick to tidy up my enclosure and mix more water into my substrate when it got dry.  Why “used to”?  Well…  😋🐢😅

#tbt when I still had my coconut to GRUMP in f…

#tbt when I still had my coconut to GRUMP in front of.  

thewhimsyturtle: 💣  Bob-omb Tortoise, Part 1 …


💣  Bob-omb Tortoise, Part 1  💣
(Parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7)

Happy Halloween, Tumblr!

Introducing … the cutest, grumpiest, and hungriest Bob-omb ever!  Did you know Bob-ombs run on radicchio fuel?  I was enjoying a delicious refueling when clumsy Mario almost ran into me with a Koopa Troopa shell!  @nintendo

To be continued…

* We are trying something new this year:  Check back every day this week for the next part of our Halloween story!

It’s-a me, MAR10 Day!  🍄 #MAR10Day @nintendo

🌟 Shellebrate with us with a flashback to my Halloween costume two years ago!  💣😋🐢

Remember that time I discovered a stack of shi…

Remember that time I discovered a stack of shiny coins on Mom’s desk, sat on them, and claimed them as mine?  Here’s a throwback to a few minutes after that picture:  Mom tried to take the coins back, so I protected them with this (weird-looking) Super GRUMPface!

thewhimsyturtle: Fall Photoshoot, Part 4: My …


Fall Photoshoot, Part 4: My first gif!
(Parts 1, 2, and 3)

I got a little lost when I first made it to the RED side of Mommy’s wreath. Mommy helped me out when I got stuck. I couldn’t believe my eyes at how many gorgeous red leaves there were!

Tumblr would only let Mom upload a blurry version of my gif. (1 MB limit?!) You can see the much nicer version here, at the end of Mom’s blog post. Mommy also posted on her blog the full video that the gif is made from.

This was all very exciting for my first autumn! I can’t wait to play in the leaves again next year!

Happy equinox (right on the dot!) with a flashback to my very first fall, five years ago!

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

Three years ago, I was far too tiny to escape from this bathtub, so I had to GRUMP out the sides instead.

thewhimsyturtle: Three!!!, Part 1(Part 2 here…


Three!!!, Part 1
(Part 2 here)

I met Mommy for the first time three years ago today!!  That calls for a cake to celebrate, don’t you agree?

My birthday cake this year was extra exciting because it is my first ever watermelon!  I love watermelon!  It is just as delicious as Waffles and Mango said!

You can see all of my birthday party photos in one place over here!

Happy National Watermelon Day with a flashback to the first time I got to try watermelon, on my third birthday two years ago!  🍉🎂😋

3️⃣🔙  You can see the rest of the pictures from my third birthday over here!

🎈  Plus, pictures from ALL my birthdays past over here!

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

One time Mom and I were traveling and all I got for a travel snack was chicory.  Not a single piece of frilly kale!  So I threw a giant tantrum!