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#tbt one time 3.5 years ago when I was totally not stuck.


National Hat Day, Dr. Seuss-Style!, Part 1
(Parts 2, 3, and 4)

Gather ‘round, gather ‘round,
Today is the day!
To the milliner’s we are bound
For National Hat Day!

Behold, one and all,
So fluffy and brand new,
Homemade and tall,
My Truffula hat of the brightest hue!

Who remembers my first ever National Hat Day outfit?  💚🐢😎

#tbt when Mom found the rare Shamrock Tortoise GRUMPing for cuddles on St. Patrick’s Day!  ☘️😤🐢💚


My First Brussels Sprout!, Part 4
(Parts 1, 2, and 3)

Bonus post: Gifs time! Why must tiny roly poly things be so difficult to nom?!

(Don’t worry, Mommy peeled back the leaves for me to nom after a few minutes!)

Click these links for the original, full-size gifs that are over Tumblr’s silly gif size limit: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Thanksgiving throwback to my first ever Brussels sprout!

Mom and I are both grumpy today (I even refused to get up at all!), so here’s a throwback to one time a few years ago, when I got up to an empty plate.  Mom went running for my breakfast when she saw this GRUMP!

Following up on yesterday’s post, here’s a throwback to four years ago, when I could still fit under my baby log without balancing it on my shell!

Flashback Friday

Mom used to use a plastic chopstick to tidy up my enclosure and mix more water into my substrate when it got dry.  Why “used to”?  Well…  😋🐢😅

#tbt when I still had my coconut to GRUMP in front of.  


💣  Bob-omb Tortoise, Part 1  💣
(Parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7)

Happy Halloween, Tumblr!

Introducing … the cutest, grumpiest, and hungriest Bob-omb ever!  Did you know Bob-ombs run on radicchio fuel?  I was enjoying a delicious refueling when clumsy Mario almost ran into me with a Koopa Troopa shell!  @nintendo

To be continued…

* We are trying something new this year:  Check back every day this week for the next part of our Halloween story!

It’s-a me, MAR10 Day!  🍄 #MAR10Day @nintendo

🌟 Shellebrate with us with a flashback to my Halloween costume two years ago!  💣😋🐢

Remember that time I discovered a stack of shiny coins on Mom’s desk, sat on them, and claimed them as mine?  Here’s a throwback to a few minutes after that picture:  Mom tried to take the coins back, so I protected them with this (weird-looking) Super GRUMPface!