Category: fix it

Why are all those stuffies stuck in that plastic box?!  Release them for my snuggles this instant!

Excuse me, why is the sun over in that corner?  Make it come over here, Mom!

EXCUSE ME, my water dish is blocking my way!

Excuse me, my log is flipped over!  MOM!

Mom, this chair shrank again!  I can barely fit my head and one leggie through the railings now!  Fix it, Mom!

Excuse me, my hidey hut is tipped over.  Put it back so I can go to bed!

Mom, why is the sun over there?  Make it come over here to where I am!

Why don’t I fit through this big gap on my favorite chair anymore?!  Fix this, Mom!  😡🐢

Mom, this corner is the perfect place for me to sun my bum, but these evil plastic plants are in the way!

There you are, Mom!  Do you see this?!  How am I supposed to go to bed with my hidey hut like this?!  Hurry up and fix it!