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I, Kirby the Explorer, have discovered the yummiest rock buffet!  😋🐢🤨

Who dares block the path of Kirby the Explorer?!  🌾🐢

🔊  Volume up to hear me STOMP!

TGIF!  Weekend, here we come!

TGIF and happy first day of summer!  New grass to stomp and fresh noms to discover—Great Outdoors, here I come!

Flashback Friday

Flashback to the aftermath of that time I discovered a dishearteningly un-nomable new nom on Mom’s desk

Weekends are for exploratory CHOMPs!  (And leaf hat wearing!)

Yesterday was so warm that even I got to go outside!  I was so excited I ran around everywhere as fast as my leggies could go (unlike my last time outside)!  Punxsutawney Phil was right:  Spring is coming!

Grandmom was in charge of keeping an eye on me during my outdoor adventure.  Grandmom learned the hard way to never take her eyes off me!  (Don’t worry, I am all okay.  I did have to suffer the indignity of getting my mouth cleaned though…)

Mom, why is this grass so short?!  Where did my Grass Forest go?!

Mom, why is the sun over there?  Make it come over here to where I am!

Mom, what are you hiding behind these sofa cushions?  Nothing?  I don’t believe you!  I’m going in!