Category: EXCUSE ME

EXCUSE ME, sunning my bum makes me hungry!  Bring my noms over here, stat!

Collard greens?!  Mom, how many times do I have to tell you, I don’t like collard greens unless it’s winter!

Excuse me, why is the sun over in that corner?  Make it come over here, Mom!

EXCUSE ME, my water dish is blocking my way!

EXCUSE ME!  It’s my nap time!  Where is my turn down service?!

Hi, Mom!  What am I doing?  I’m uh, just waiting for snack time!  It is snack time, right?  Here I come!

Mom?!  Where are my snacks?!

Excuse me, my log is flipped over!  MOM!

EXCUSE ME, there is dirt on these greens!  I demand new dirt-free noms!

Mom, you were supposed to clean my water dish while I was nomming my breakfast!  How am I supposed to take a not-bath in this?!

Excuse me!  I’m awake!  Why isn’t my light on and more importantly, why is my plate empty?!