Category: EXCUSE ME

EXCUSE ME!  Where is my breakfast?!  Starving is not part of staying home and social distancing!

Excuse me, do you mind?  Very Important Nap going on here!

Mom, it’s Friday!  Can I skip my collard greens today?  No?!  No fair!!  Fridays are for yummy feasts!  I refuse to nom my collard greens, Mom!

EXCUSE ME, why is my breakfast not ready yet?!?

Excuse me, my water dish needs cleaning, stat!

What do you mean the grocery store hasn’t had radicchio in months?!?  FIX IT, MOM!!

EXCUSE ME, I rampaged EVERYWHERE!  Why is my plate still empty?!?

MOM, why is my water dish empty?!?

Excuse me, these are not the noms I rampaged for.

Mom was so busy today that she didn’t have time to give me a bath!  Win!

Mom was also so busy she didn’t give me a single snack all day after breakfast!?  MOOOOOM!