Category: DO NOT WANT

It’s Monday?  NOPE.

Those greens were unacceptable, so I buried them.  Bring me new noms, stat!

Mom gave me subpar noms again!?  Good thing I know where to find better noms:  Behind my hidey hut!

Excuse me, these are not the noms I rampaged for.

After my magnificent regal poses yesterday, I took a majestic not-bath and demanded better noms fit for a king like me!

These are NOT the noms I’m looking for!

I am NOT coming out for Monday!

Sun’s out, legs out, head’s NOT out.  How dare the sun interrupt my nap?!

I don’t want those noms.  Go get me new ones!

Collard greens?!  Mom, how many times do I have to tell you, I don’t like collard greens unless it’s winter!