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EXCUSE ME!  Where is my breakfast?!  Starving is not part of staying home and social distancing!

There you are, Mom!  I tried to come out of my hidey hut, but this wall is in the way?!  Make this wall move, Mom!

Mom, why is my plate all the way on top of my hidey hut?!  You’re cleaning??  But this is my plate for noms!  How will I reach my noms up there?!

Mom, it’s Friday!  Can I skip my collard greens today?  No?!  No fair!!  Fridays are for yummy feasts!  I refuse to nom my collard greens, Mom!

EXCUSE ME, why is my breakfast not ready yet?!?

Gloomy, rainy Friday the 13th calls for a dramatic corner tantrum with dramatic lighting to match!

Who, me?  I have no idea how that side of my enclosure got trashed.  I was busy starving to death in this corner over here.

EXCUSE ME, I rampaged EVERYWHERE!  Why is my plate still empty?!?

MOM, why is my water dish empty?!?

Those greens were unacceptable, so I buried them.  Bring me new noms, stat!