Category: digging

Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring yesterday!  Time to emerge from my winter blues!

Those greens were unacceptable, so I buried them.  Bring me new noms, stat!

Mom gave me subpar noms again!?  Good thing I know where to find better noms:  Behind my hidey hut!

MOOOOOM, I’ve been rampaging for a whole hour!  Why is my plate still empty?!?

I helped Mom make her bed by making myself a cozy little cave in her quilt!

These are NOT the noms I’m looking for!

It’s bath time?  Let’s see…wall here, water dish there…sorry, Mom, looks like I’m totally stuck.  I have no choice but to stay here all day!  No bath for me!

Last week, I climbed over hump day.  This week, I’m going under it!

Mom, I TOLD you I don’t want these greens!  I don’t care if it’s not the right season, I want dandelions!  Also radicchio!  And I am not coming out of this corner until you put those on my plate!

Good morning!  I slept very well in my excellent hole, thank you very much.  Now help me get out of here!