Category: destructive troublemaker

MOOOOOM, I’ve been rampaging for a whole hour!  Why is my plate still empty?!?

I had a very busy afternoon today while Mom was out Black Friday shopping.


* Tumblr is STILL eating our individual photo captions, so while the code monkeys are still working on that, captions below:

  1. Excuse me, you’re the one who abandoned me to go shopping, Mom!
  2. I had Very Good Reasons for flipping over my hidey hut and dragging it all the way to this end of my home!
  3. And obviously I threw all my noms out of my plate and stomped on them because none of them are radicchio!

What’s that?  Everything is a mess behind me?  I can’t even see it, Mom!  Definitely wasn’t me!

Success!  I have shoved everything over to one spot!  Now I can reach anything I want just by stretching!

I successfully shoved my water dish next to my hidey hut.  Now how do I shove my log over there, too…

EXCUSE ME!  It’s my nap time!  Where is my turn down service?!

I flipped over my plastic plants, I’ve checked all under my plate…where is my radicchio, Mom?!?

Bonus peekaboo GRUMPs:


Detective Kirby can be sneaky, you see!


Detective Kirby is hangry, Mom!

Excuse me, my log is flipped over!  MOM!

I figured out why my plastic plants keep staying in one corner:  They must be keeping noms trapped under their roots!

Yes, I did turn my hidey hut 270 degrees while I was sleeping last night.  It’s called interior design, Mom!  😤