Category: demanding

The new TV we bought on Black Friday arrived!  I am supervising Mom setting it up.  Higher, Mom!  I need to see all the noms in that cooking show!

Mom, explain my empty plate!

Moooom, my noms are too far away!  Bring them over here to me!

EXCUSE ME, sunning my bum makes me hungry!  Bring my noms over here, stat!

Collard greens?!  Mom, how many times do I have to tell you, I don’t like collard greens unless it’s winter!

Excuse me, why is the sun over in that corner?  Make it come over here, Mom!

Mom, I TOLD you I don’t want these greens!  I don’t care if it’s not the right season, I want dandelions!  Also radicchio!  And I am not coming out of this corner until you put those on my plate!

EXCUSE ME!  It’s my nap time!  Where is my turn down service?!

Hi, Mom!  What am I doing?  I’m uh, just waiting for snack time!  It is snack time, right?  Here I come!

Mom?!  Where are my snacks?!

Mom, are you done hammering yet?!  You’ve been making a racket for over an hour, and it’s way past my naptime!