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This week, we reached 10,000 followers on Instagram!  As is tradition, Brunhilda and I put on our dapper best to shellebrate!  🎩🥳🐢🦕

We are always amazed and honored that so many people enjoy following me along on my adventures, big and small.  Thank you to all of our fabulous fans for sending us so much love every day!  🤗🥰💖🐢

How do I get these shiny sequins and sparkles off this velvet and into my belly?

🎉🎩🐢  Happy New Year and New Decade, Tumblr!  🦕✨🎊

Brunhilda and I thew a great big sparkly party to ring in the brand new ‘20s, complete with party horns and lots of spiffy hats!  🥳

We wish you all the most deliciously fabulous decade yet!  🥂😋💖🐢

Mom came home from her travels to an incredible surprise:  I now have more than 50,000 subscribers on YouTube!?!  😲😲😲  As is tradition, I broke out my top hat to shellebrate, and Brunhilda joined in!  🎩🥳🐢🦕

Of course, we also made a special thank you video:

Thank you to all our fabulous fans!  We are flattered and so very honored that so many of you like watching my adventures!  Shell hugs to you all!  🤗🥰💖🐢

Some of our favorite snaps from our New Year’s video this year!  Who else is still in holiday mode?  

🎥  If you missed our video, you can watch it here:

🎉🎩🐢  Happy New Year, Tumblr!  🦕✨🎊

Brunhilda and I had a most sparkly party to ring in 2019!  🥳  The video we posted earlier showed the beginning of our party,* but of course, the party didn’t stop there.  The afterparty was filled with insightful conversations, unexpected noms, and spiffy GRUMPs!  😮😋😤


Don’t you hate when the camera catches you with your mouth full?


Me, a messy eater?  Why would you ever say that?!

Did you miss our sparkly New Year’s video?  Watch it below!

We wish you all a nom-ful 2019!  💖🐢

Goodbye, 2018—shello, 2019!  🎉🎩🐢🦕

Getting ready to ring in the new year!  Spiffy hat and sparkly lights are ready to go!


Now to find those NYE party noms Mom says she got…

Flashback Friday

For the first Flashback Friday of 2018, here’s a look back at New Year’s 2017, when Mom made me my current top hat!  My top hat was a little too big for me back then, but as you saw earlier this week, it’s already just the right size for me now!

🎉🎩🐢  Happy New Year, Tumblr!  🥂🍾✨🎊

Brunhilda and I are ringing in 2018 with a special endive “cocktail” that is a lot harder to nom than expected…

Here’s to a nom-ful 2018!  😋