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Shhhh don’t tell Mom I’m here!  I found a new hiding spot to spy on Mom while she’s putting away the groceries!  There’s even a squishy pillow that is perfect for naps when Mom is doing something boring, like washing dishes.  How does Mom have so many dishes to wash?!


Mom, tell life to stop being so crazy so you can snuggle with me on the sofa already!

Monday means grab your biggest, fluffiest pillow and take lots of naps!

It’s … #TortoiseButtTuesday time!

Aka hiding-from-my-awful-bath time.

Mom, what are you hiding behind these sofa cushions?  Nothing?  I don’t believe you!  I’m going in!

Fourth of July Party 2018, Part 7
(Parts 1, 2, 3, 45, and 6)

Mom may love Overcooked, but I preferred digging into friend gckaf’s excellent couch for a nap instead!  Mom says I missed her entire kitchen catching fire in Overcooked.  Not only does Mom not give me noms 24/7, but also she can’t even manage to make fake noms!

Excuse me, why aren’t these flowers nom-able?!