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🎄 12 Days of GRUMPmas, Day 8️⃣ 🎁
(Days 1, 2, 3, 4, 56, and 7)

It’s the first day of winter?!  I demand hugs and cuddles with my favorite sweater all day long!!

#tbt when Mom found the rare Shamrock Tortoise GRUMPing for cuddles on St. Patrick’s Day!  ☘️😤🐢💚

Happy December, friends!  December means sweater weather, which means Mom breaks out my favorite sweater!  Shello, sweater snuggles!


* Tumblr is STILL eating our individual photo captions, so while the code monkeys are still working on that, captions below:

  1. Mom’s shoulder has the best views in the entire world!
  2. Is that radicchio I spy down on the table?!

Sleepy Sunday snuggles.  🤗🐢💤💖

Shiver me timbers, it be not e’en a week after International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and me fine new ship be sunk already!?  (A hungry GRUMP stomped on it, ARRR!)  #WasntMe  🤔

Give me all th’ cuddles, ye landlubber!  😭🐢🏴‍☠️

Holiday Mondays are the only acceptable Mondays!  Now where are my lap tortoise holiday treats?

Sunday snuggle snooping:  How many potential noms can I spy from my towel up in Mom’s hands?

Mom is back from her travels!  Time for all the snuggles—including towel cuddles for a belated Towel Day shellebration!


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TGIF and happy International Women’s Day!  💖🤗🐢

Head rubs from Mom are the best head rubs!  🤗🥰🐢

🔙  Plus, click here for a bonus flashback to the most blissful of summer naps four years ago!  💗😴☀️