Category: cozy

And the Academy Award for Best Snuggles goes to…

…Mom’s lap with my fluffy towel!  🏆🤗🐢💤💖

It’s a Monday that’s also a holiday?!  MOAR SNUGGLE TIME!

I helped Mom make her bed by making myself a cozy little cave in her quilt!

Sleepy Sunday snuggles.  🤗🐢💤💖

My coconut is the best lookout spot ever:  Snug and cozy with an excellent view of my plate!

Techniques to get breakfast in bed:

1.  Sad sleepy face.  Look how cozy I am in my coconut!
2.  Sitting pretty.  Don’t I deserve a reward for sitting so nicely?
3.  If all else fails, GRUMP!