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#tbt when I still had my coconut to GRUMP in front of.  

#Tbt a few years ago, when Mr. Smiley totally tattled on me for getting dirt in my water dish.

Mom still refuses to give me back my coconut.  She says I can sleep inside my hidey hut instead.  Mom, my hidey hut is for flipping over, not sleeping in!!

I refuse to look at you, Mom!  How could you take away my coconut?!?  😤✋  #TalkToTheShell

So what if I’m too big to get out of my coconut on my own?!  I can’t get out of my baths, and you haven’t taken those away!  😡🐢  #KirbyLogic

Mom, where did my coconut go?!?  It was right here before my nap!!

You took it away because it’s too small for me?!?  PUT IT BACK RIGHT NOW, MOM!!!

See, Mom?  My coconut is totally not too small for me!  Tilting my coconut up is totally not a trick!  Don’t you dare take my coconut away!!

Exciting news:  I am now big enough to drag my coconut around with me everywhere I go!  Now I can park myself right by my food plate—When I’m hungry, my noms are right there, and when I’m full, I can just turn around and take a nap!

What do you mean, I have now officially outgrown my coconut?!?

My coconut is the best lookout spot ever:  Snug and cozy with an excellent view of my plate!

Hi, Mom!  I’m totally not having any trouble fitting inside my coconut!  😉

It is NOT a good morning, Mom.  It’s MONDAY!  😡🐢🥥