Category: climbing

I tried to escape from Monday, but Monday won.

And lo, the clouds opened up and Heaven shone down on the cutest GRUMP in the land, standing tall and ready for noms…but no noms came forth from the light!?

Mom, it’s my birthday in two days!  Can’t we start shellebrating today with radicchio for breakfast?

My evil plastic plants think they can stop me from my ninja training?  Think again, plastic plants!

Climbing right over hump day!

Mom, why is the top of my hidey hut just out of reach?!


Tall Tuesday ninja training:  I’ve tried climbing the sides of my hidey hut and the front.  Time to try the back!

Hey!  Hidey hut, stop moving!

Now that I’ve won the war with my evil plastic plants, maybe I can turn them into a cozy blanket for naps in the corner I reclaimed from them?

Tall Tuesday thoughts:  Maybe I’ve been going about climbing my hidey hut all wrong.  Instead of trying to climb the sides, I should try to climb the front, over the door!