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Tall Tuesday training:  It’s important to stay active even when you stay home.  When you don’t have access to fancy gym equipment, it’s time to get creative.  Think outside the box!  Or … flip the box!  💪🐢😎

In addition to a deliciously sparkly surprise, our package from friend (Iri)epsi (@epsifawnshawn) was stuffed full of self-care goodies!  Mom got excited about the tea and face masks, but I was most excited about all the pretty ribbons and a special portrait of the our late bun friend Milk Foam Cappuccino Paper Stain Espresso!  I made sure to give Milk Foam a big kiss!  🐰😘🐢

Today was a very satisfying Tall Tuesday.  Take that, evil plastic plants hogging the corner again!  

Throwback to when I still fit in my carrier and Mom refused to let me out to CHOMP the car seats

Happy #TortoiseButtTuesday from the top of Knee Mountain!

What do you mean the grocery store hasn’t had radicchio in months?!?  FIX IT, MOM!!

Corner Tall Tuesday time:  This is MY corner, not my hidey hut’s!  Wait, what do you mean, you’re putting my hidey hut back as soon as I move?!?

Kirby the Explorer expedition update:  I climbed into Mom’s lap, over Knee Mountain, and into Sock Valley.  Zero noms found!?

Tall Tuesday chillin’ on my plastic plants to remind them who’s boss.