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Easter Week

Bonus video: My last Easter egg is irresistible!

Fear not, I tried to nom that egg for far longer than this short video! I didn’t give up until Mommy put it in my Easter basket for me.

(The video is short because Mommy couldn’t stop giggling. And her camera didn’t have much memory left.)

We can’t believe we are saying this:  A second video of me has over 1 MILLION VIEWS!?!?!?!  😲😲😲

🥚🐢  This video is from my very first Easter, when I went on an epic Easter egg hunt!  This blue egg was the last one I found.  You can see the rest of my Easter egg hunt over here!

🍓🐢  If you missed it, my first video to reach 1 million views is the one of my first strawberry, which now has over 4 MILLION VIEWS!?!?!?!?!

🌟  #shellebrity

I found Christmas chocolates!  All these shiny colorful noms are now mine, and I shall guard them from all thieves!

Hang on, do I see radicchio over there?!

Check back this weekend for my first ever Christmas video!

Friend (Iri)epsi sent us a beautiful New Year’s package a couple of weeks ago! She even wrapped the box in gorgeous out-of-this-world print! Inside were lots of pretty stickers, an elegant card, a sparkly green poof, a cute wooden snowflake, and a chocolate that Mommy refused to let me nom. We love packages!