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Spotted this at a pet store and I had to do a double take! There is so much misinformation about turtles, I’m always glad to see pet stores laying down the truth.

bluedarkart: 🐢💚 #Lunchtime!! 💚🐢 Very hungr…


🐢💚 #Lunchtime!! 💚🐢 Very hungry little #Turtle eating #lettuce …‘till…someone starts walking on her #food!! 😳😆! 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ #BluedarkArt #TheChameleonART #turtoise #tortue #animal #reptile #shell #funnyanilmals #videoanimals #anjmalsvideo #animallovers (at Sainte-Luce, Martinique)




zzzzzZZZZZzzzz sweet dandelion dreams. 

alejzp: Y así me quedó el terrario para mi tor…


Y así me quedó el terrario para mi tortuguita 🐢 #tortuga #tortoise #sulcatatortoise #sulcatalover #sulcata #sulcatasofinstagram #terrarium #terrariumforreptiles (at Residencial Monteayarco, Curridabat, San José, Costa Rica)

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Ok real talk folks. What do I get a wee horsefeild tortiose for Christmas?

Ohh! I might be able to help! Zoya made her Xmas list today, in preparation for meeting Santa, and I caught a peek. 


Dear Santa, please bring me DANDELIONS! (I guess dandelion greens if the real ones aren’t available.. not the same tho), Radicchio, dandelions? did I mention that already?, head scratches, no baths for life, more Radicchio, and sunshine (so the dandelions can grow again). <3 Zoya Pants. p.s. I’m super nice. 

I’m sure your little one would enjoy some of the same things.  I think most of those things are doable, but I’m not sure how to fit sunshine in a tiny stocking!  

youareyellow:1 angry boy Um, you’re blocking t…


1 angry boy

Um, you’re blocking the sun puddle human! Move it! you’re slower than those other humans think I am. 

noaasanctuaries: Loggerheads are turtley aweso…


Loggerheads are turtley awesome! 🐢💙

Loggerheads get their name from their relatively large heads, which support powerful jaws and enable them to feed on hard-shelled prey. From hatching to adulthood, a loggerhead increases its weight more than 6,000 times! Marine debris, fishing gear, and development near their nesting areas remain major issues for loggerheads, but by working together we can help reduce these threats. This beautiful loggerhead was spotted in Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary. 

(Photo: G.P. Schmahl/NOAA) 

[Image description: Close-up on a loggerhead sea turtle’s face.]

Zoya’s got 3 words for you. 

Zoya’s got 3 words for you. 

jasonlowder: Box Turtle


Box Turtle