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MOM, I can’t believe you didn’t pack any frilly kale for me in your bag!  I refuse to look at you until you find some!  How dare—ooo, shello, sun!

Do you know how long it’s been since I ran out of treats in here?!?

Excuse me, why is there no radicchio in my snacks for the car?

Let me out!  I smell Thanksgiving noms!!

Mom, are we there yet?  How about now?  What about now?

Mom thinks I fell asleep in my carrier, but little does she know I’m watching where she puts the radicchio she just got out of the fridge!

Mom, hurry up already, I’m bored!

Mom, if we have to go out in this awful rain, can I ride in your hoodie instead of in my carrier?

Mom, if I don’t come out of my carrier, does that mean your vacation doesn’t end and you stay home with me all day?

Flashback Friday

One time Mom and I were traveling and all I got for a travel snack was chicory.  Not a single piece of frilly kale!  So I threw a giant tantrum!