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MOM, it’s the weekend!  I demand breakfast in bed!

Me, dragging my food plate over to my hidey hut so I can have breakfast in bed?  I totally was not just doing that, not me!  But you’ll bring my plate the rest of the way over here to me, right, Mom?

Grey rainy Saturdays are for stretching out in bed and looking cute until Mom brings noms over to me!

It’s the weekend, Mom!  I want breakfast in bed!

Exciting news:  I am now big enough to drag my coconut around with me everywhere I go!  Now I can park myself right by my food plate—When I’m hungry, my noms are right there, and when I’m full, I can just turn around and take a nap!

What do you mean, I have now officially outgrown my coconut?!?

Techniques to get breakfast in bed:

1.  Sad sleepy face.  Look how cozy I am in my coconut!
2.  Sitting pretty.  Don’t I deserve a reward for sitting so nicely?
3.  If all else fails, GRUMP!

Hi, Mom!  Saturday means I get breakfast in my coconut, right?  What?!  I still have to get up?!  I object!!

By the power of this side eye, I demand breakfast in my coconut!

Today is a not-getting-out-of-bed day.  Mom, hurry up and bring me breakfast in bed!