Category: any time is nap time

And the Academy Award for Best Snuggles goes to…

…Mom’s lap with my fluffy towel!  🏆🤗🐢💤💖

Today was a very productive day:  I completely cleaned off all the noms on my plate (even the crumbs!) and thoroughly reclaimed my corner from my evil plastic plants!

Behold the Faithful Vigil of the Hungry Hungry Tortoise.

Mom is extremely sleep deprived.  Time for me to take extra naps to help!

Tilted Tuesday tiny tortoise troubles:  Woe is me, doomed with an empty belly and an empty plate!  😫🐢

I tried to escape from Monday, but Monday won.

New sofa means it’s Inspector Kirby time:  I give this sofa a solid nap of approval!

Hiding from Monday and chilly temperatures in my turtleneck.

TGIF!  Time to catch up on sleep after a long week of naps and GRUMPs!

First day after a long weekend requires lots of naps.