Category: always on the lookout for noms

Time to go to bed and—did I just hear someone open the fridge?!?

I went to bed, but then I heard noises!  Are you bringing me a late-night snack, Mom?

I saw you walk in the door with a fistful of dandelions! Where did you put them?!

You’re calling me lazy for barely moving from my plate?  You’re the one who hasn’t refilled my plate yet!

Is today the day I get radicchio for breakfast?

(Spoiler alert:  Nope.)

My coconut is the best lookout spot ever:  Snug and cozy with an excellent view of my plate!

Rainy days are for digging into my dirt and sleeping all day!

Hang on, did someone say breakfast?

It is very important to be vigilant about keeping watch for noms!

Did someone just open the fridge?

When it’s below freezing outside and Mom is too sick for snuggles, then it’s time for a sleepy Saturday in my hidey hut!  But with my face half out the doorway so I can keep an eye on my food plate!