Category: adorable

Monday with Mom snuggles is infinitely better than Monday without!

Happy National Love Your Pet Day!  Do you love me enough to give me radicchio for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Feeling cute, don’t you dare delete this later!

Walls make excellent pillows.  But when you’re just too tired to make it all the way to your favorite wall, an arm pillow works, too!

Grey rainy Saturdays are for stretching out in bed and looking cute until Mom brings noms over to me!

Mom is always tsk-tsking at me for having dirt all over my face.  I can wash my face on my own just fine when I want to, Mom!

But, Mom!  I can’t go back in my enclosure yet!  I’m not done with my lap tortoise duties!  MOAR HUGS AND CUDDLES!

Halloween month is nightmare season!  😴🐢👻😱  (🔊Sound on!)

Mondays require heavy arm pillow usage.

Thank you, everyone, for your get well wishes for Mom!  Mom is starting to get better, but she is still too sick to bring me my breakfast on time.  I am helping by being extra cute and doing Mom’s favorite move:  my signature head tilt!