Author: Turtle boy

We were gonna wash the pool so the turtles got to swim a bit on it. As a treat.

What if….we kissed… the human’s dirty pool….Haha just kidding……………….unless?

Happy new year fellow people who havent gone to sleep yet

Hey everyone!

I got a new phone for christmas, you know what that means?

A New era of Lorenzo pictures, now with higher quality!

Please caption this

give lorenzo the dubstep he deserves

Lorenzo has a fine taste in music, such as classical orchestra and minecraft parodies

if I'm not wrong, turts can hear deeper sounds better! So maybe those relaxation music things with the bass????? also tell lorenzo I lov him pls

Guess I’ll have to go full baritone on the next “You are my sunshine”

Help. Lorenzo doesn’t want to go to sleep and is making a lot of noise

I’ve tried singing him

– 2 Lullabies

– 1 Little mermaid song

– Bohemian Rapsody (with “mamaaa” replaced with “babyyyy, just go to beeeed” so he gets the message)

– Megalovania

Detective and mystery 

Don’t talk to me I’m angy