Author: Turtle boy

Hello! What's your advice on making a turtle more comfortable walking around the house? My rescue turtle is about 20 years old and he's not used to walking around. I've had him since May of this year, walked him everyday but he still usually goes to a dark corner to hide. What would you recommend for making a turt comfortable while getting exercise? Sending all the love to Lorenzo!

Hello! I think you could put them in a safe place and just leave him be for a while and see if he wants to roam around, some turtles are just shyer than others! 

Why won’t my mouse work?


I’m not a doctor but I think I might be able to help 🎶

Please tell Lorenzo that I love him and I'm proud of him! Give him some mealworms (or some kind of treat) on my behalf!

Lorenzo is thankful for your support on his….uh…..turtness

He got something nice and meaty today!

Went to pride last week. Had a blast. Here’s a Lorenzo

Even if you’re cute I still need to study!!

Hehe my bed now

wait no