Author: Daisy the Redfoot Tort

Long-overdue Daisy update! She’s doing well and getting so big! She is doing this thing right now where she doesn’t get enough water unless we soak her, so that’s why she’s looking a little dry here. She was out getting treats for letting me moisturize her. She’s a really smart lady who appreciates a little positive reinforcement! I’m actually looking into mini-traffic cones so she can spend time outside with us when we BBQ. For now, she’s got her big tub in the sun room. I’m slowly gathering more things for it and decorating it, etc. Once it’s done, I’ll show it off!


While #givingtuesday 2019 is coming to an end, the season of giving doesn’t have to end.  So when you can, lend a hand to help keep our shell friends around for generations to come.

In case you need some direction, here are just a few amazing organizations devoted to conservation, education, and quality care.


Is there anything better than a turtle yawning? No. The answer is no.







One day you’ll be as big as me, little shell. Just wait and see. 


When I come home and check on Zoya, she’ll sometimes tortle over really fast. stopping at the edge, and stare up at me like “HI!”.  My heart immediately turns into a big ole mushy pile of goo 😍😍😍😍 

I love it when Daisy does this!

Daisy has been a little dry since coming out of her winter slowdown, so she’s been getting spa treatments twice a week! She always takes big drinks when she’s soaking, so it should help. I need to track down the moisturizer I see some people here use for their legs, too.

I don’t know why she doesn’t use her big pool more in her turtle tub. Apparently some redfoots just don’t drink water enough?

I was just getting ready for bed and heard thumping coming from Daisy’s pen. I went in to check and she was stuck on her side and couldn’t flip back over.

What if I’d gone to bed half an hour earlier? I’m not sure I can change her decor to keep this from happening again. She got stuck in the fork in her log. She likes her log.

Maybe I can move one of the plants into that spot so she can’t fit anymore….

Daisy getting some yummy hibiscus from our front yard.



she’s almost convincing…😂