Author: Daisy the Redfoot Tort


Is there anything better than a turtle yawning? No. The answer is no.







One day you’ll be as big as me, little shell. Just wait and see. 


When I come home and check on Zoya, she’ll sometimes tortle over really fast. stopping at the edge, and stare up at me like “HI!”.  My heart immediately turns into a big ole mushy pile of goo 😍😍😍😍 

I love it when Daisy does this!

Daisy has been a little dry since coming out of her winter slowdown, so she’s been getting spa treatments twice a week! She always takes big drinks when she’s soaking, so it should help. I need to track down the moisturizer I see some people here use for their legs, too.

I don’t know why she doesn’t use her big pool more in her turtle tub. Apparently some redfoots just don’t drink water enough?

I was just getting ready for bed and heard thumping coming from Daisy’s pen. I went in to check and she was stuck on her side and couldn’t flip back over.

What if I’d gone to bed half an hour earlier? I’m not sure I can change her decor to keep this from happening again. She got stuck in the fork in her log. She likes her log.

Maybe I can move one of the plants into that spot so she can’t fit anymore….

Daisy getting some yummy hibiscus from our front yard.



she’s almost convincing…😂

Checking in!

Hey y’all! Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but Daisy is hibernating. When she wakes up, your lovely tort content will resume. 😘

Me: *spends days building Daisy’s adult enclosure. Today, gets it in its place (minus some decor) and gets Daisy in*

Daisy: *spends the next three hours attempting to escape*