@wafflesworld said: Have you tried putting out cuttlebones? I’ve heard that females can eat quite a few before they are ready to nest and after as well.

Phubs has a ton of quarry/lump chalk (aka Calcium Carbonate) available as well as a cuttlebone. The chalk is preferable though as it has no phosphorous at all and is still solid to keep the beak worn down. Cuttlebones are good and do have a good Ca:P ratio but obviously zero is preferable for their calcium supplements 🙂 I keep it outside and rotate lumps between her indoor table and outside pen so that it stays nicely weathered which they seem to prefer. (it can harden under lamps – this keeps it fluffy). She will go through a ton but without the right UVB lamps the tort can’t get vitamin D3 so all this calcium is obviously useless and can’t be absorbed. 

It can be hard to source in countries like the US but in some areas it can be found just lying around outside. If you can be sure its lump chalk you can bring it home, wash it and use it as a supplement. You can also make your own using limestone flour. You can find this in big buckets at horse feed places and there is a recipe for limestone flour cakes here. You can leave them to dry on a sunny window sill rather than bake them and add in cucumber juice or a tiny bit of papaya juice for reluctant beasties 🙂 You can also put in dried flowers or food to tempt them provided you check them daily to be sure it is still fresh.

. I also chuck limstone flour on her food daily when gravid or leading up to laying season.

If you are in the UK message me to be put in contact with a lump chalk seller who donates a percentage of the proceeds to tort charities. She has successfully shipped overseas but obviously this is at your own risk as it looks like drugs lol.