its-peterparkour: tort-time: Another update…



Another update from Corbie the psych Tortoise! He predicts England will win against Croatia today!

We have to tell you, Corbie, we really hope you’re wrong! Humom is part Croatian and we are rooting for them to go all the way!

One of us will be getting lots of celebratory world cup noms today! One way or another it’ll be a WIN for the Turtlpocalypse!


well this is just sad now,,, i feel betrayed

Noo! don’t feel betrayed! We really were supporting England and Corbie! We just didn’t think we would get this far! It was a great match and Corbie’s magical powers are very real. Perhaps two tortie powers combined just caused psychic splosion! 

And we sent corbie a message a bit ago. This nom is dedicated to him and all English shells! 

We love you, Corbie! Zoya predicts you will continue to awe the world with your psychic powers! (could you please predict a win for Croatia? We know its a long shot but we figured we’d ask … France is so good we need all the help we can get!)