Crisis in Madagascar!

Crisis in Madagascar!:



Almost 11,000 critically endangered radiated tortoises were recently discovered being held illegally in a home in Madagascar. They are now being safely housed at SOPTOM’s Tortoise Village, but they are desperately in need of funding for medical supplies and the construction of quarantine enclosures for so many ill tortoises.

These tortoises were living in their own filth without food, water, or light and many are in horrible condition. Hundreds of these critically endangered animals were already dead by the time they were rescued.

If anyone is willing to donate or spread this around I would be immensely grateful. The Tortoise Conservancy, Global Wildlife Conservation, and Andrew Sabin Family Foundation all currently matching all donations!

Signal boosting this again with some pictures of these gorgeous, rare tortoises. Radiated tortoises face an almost unimaginable poaching threat, being captured for their shells, meat, and to be sold in the illegal pet trade.

In 2010 the WWF found that 1,000 tortoises were being illegally poached in Madagascar every week

The almost 11,000 poached tortoises were discovered on April 20th, 2018 and since then hundreds of them have already died of dehydration or severe infection due to the deplorable conditions they were being kept in.

The world cannot afford to lose many more of these beautiful creatures. If you’re able to spare some money donations are sorely appreciated! Treating so many tortoises in critical condition is a tremendous strain on any organization’s resources and SOPTOM can use all the help it can get!

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