GOOD NEWS: Number of Green Sea Turtle Nests on…


This year, the number of Green Sea Turtle nests found on Florida’s beaches has reached a record. Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission staff documented about 39,000 Green Sea Turtle nests during surveys on 27 Florida index beaches.

About 30 years ago, on the 200 miles of Index Sea Turtle Beach Survey beaches, only 464 nests were documented. 

“The success of our Green Sea Turtles is a victory for conservation,” said FWC Chairman Brian Yablonski. 

For sea turtle and ocean conservation enthusiasts, this is wonderful news. I believe that this shows just how much of a positive impact people can make on marine life when they put their mind to it.

Here Are a Few Ways That You Can Help Sea Turtles in the Wild:

  • Never throw trash into waterways – especially plastic bags and balloons, as these can greatly resemble jellyfish floating in the water – a favorite food of some sea turtle species.
  • Don’t let balloons go! Once they float up into the sky, balloons don’t disappear – some end up landing in the ocean, where they can have a jellyfish-like appearance, and some sea turtle species may mistake them for prey.
  • If you spot a sea turtle nest on the beach, please, leave it be!
  • During sea turtle nesting/hatching season, please be sure to never leave toys, chairs, sand castles, etc. on the beach overnight, as these can become obstacles to mother sea turtles coming up onto the beach to lay eggs, or can hinder a new sea turtle hatchling from crawling to the ocean.
  • During sea turtle nesting/hatching season, turn off all beachside lights at night
  • When boating on a waterway, or playing on the beach, make sure that all trash is secured and won’t blow away in the wind!