newts-in-hats: Reptiblr! We have wonderful new…


Reptiblr! We have wonderful news! As many of you know, @the-awkward-turt and I have been attempting to breed our spotted turtles and we have been anxiously awaiting these little bebes. We uncovered the first two eggs on St. Patrick’s day and here we are with the first to hatch! Yesterday morning this lil dude peeped out of its egg and today, their sibling has started hatching! We are so excited about them! And they are so fucking tiny and cute 😻

ZOMG Congratulations!! YOU ARE GROWING THE TURTPOCALYPSE AND MAKING THE EARTH A BETTER PLACE! WE WANT TO SEE MORE! Quality work Humans, The human half of tort-time is humbled and in awe.. Zoya is ready to work with the new #turtpocalypse members and move slowly closer to world domination.