Daisy has been a little dry since coming out of her winter slowdown, so she’s been getting spa treatments twice a week! She always takes big drinks when she’s soaking, so it should help. I need to track down the moisturizer I see some people here use for their legs, too.

I don’t know why she doesn’t use her big pool more in her turtle tub. Apparently some redfoots just don’t drink water enough?



Views pretty sweet from up here!

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starkimages3: Little Miss Artemisia outside ha…


Little Miss Artemisia outside having a little roaming time. I will be getting the Earth garden fenced-in so that she can be out there on her own. As you can see, she’s a little curious about the outside. That’s a no for me. She makes it to that palm tree line I’ll never see her again. #tortoise #tortoiselife (at Saint Petersburg, Florida)

Here we have the Log Tortoise in its natural h…

Here we have the Log Tortoise in its natural habitat, stubbornly refusing to get out of bed and GRUMPing about the lack of noms.



Mom is working on a big garden project and had to turn up the soil in my pen. You know what that means? Wormie hunt!!!

Nom hunting! get em, Tortelini! 

turtlessuggest: Wish Tank a happy hatchday!


Wish Tank a happy hatchday!

nomvdic-ventures: Turtle Love [Photo Credits:…


Turtle Love

[Photo Credits: Nomvdic-Ventures]

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

Flashback to the aftermath of that time I discovered a dishearteningly un-nomable new nom on Mom’s desk

As world turtle day comes to a close, we’d lik…

As world turtle day comes to a close, we’d like to thank you for celebrating with us! There’s lots of work to do to make sure we don’t lose these incredible creatures. They’ve survived what the dinosaurs didn’t, let’s not be what causes their demise!

Support plastic reduction when able!  There are various ways you can help fight the war on plastic. It starts at home. Make a pact to stop using single-use plastic. With zero-waste stores on the rise and plastic alternatives becoming more commonplace, it’s not that hard. One way is to give them a reusable shopping bag, straw or travel mug as a gift.  Do this but also remember that those with disabilities are not always able to avoid plastics. Able-bodied friends have to take charge.

Take part in (or organize your own) beach and river cleanups on a regular basis. Make it a fun event for any organization, school, and community group. Get out there and clean their habitat!

Support your local turtle and tortoise rescues any way you can! Here are some listings of rescues by stateHelp the American Tortoise Rescue rebuild their hospital! Read more here

Support action against the illegal wildlife trade and stop poaching! Egg poaching is just one of the many ways the sea turtle population is at risk. In Nicaragua, poachers are taking a more barbaric approach to get what they want. Join over 165,686 people and sign and share the pledge to support efforts to put an end to this horrifying practice.

Encourage adoption or ensuring purchase from reputable breeders. Stop the illegal wildlife trade! Unfortunately, many of the turtles and tortoise found in pet stores are snatched from their homes in the wild and smuggled illegally into western countries to be sold as pets. These animals are smuggled in in the most horrifying conditions, with only half surviving being hidden in suitcases/piled in boxes/ and worse. This practice only continues because the demand is there. Adopt don’t buy! 

Share the importance of keeping wildlife wild, encourage proper research and care for those considering adopting a turtle or tortoise. Our shell friends are all too often whim purchases that end with their abandonment in already full rescues or death from incorrect care. 

Check out our video Buy Toys, Not Turtles and remind fellow shell lovers to RESEARCH FIRST! It’s a matter of survival! 

We are sending lots of treats and head skritches to all our shell friends on this special day. We promise to live EVERY DAY like its #WorldTurtleDay. Zoya does, you can too!